The Importance and Power of Having Determination

Welcome to Episode 185 of The 80 Percent.

Seasoned entrepreneur Robert Dieffenbach says, “Million-dollar ideas are a dime a dozen. The determination to see the idea through is what’s priceless.”

This quote encapsulates a profound truth: having a great idea is just the starting point. And that’s what we’ll talk about in this episode.

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One Reply to “The Importance and Power of Having Determination”

  1. Coach Dan Gordon

    Love this episode! Although some are spoken in his native language (Filipino), I definitely got the idea and the lesson of this episode!

    Fitz delivers a powerful message on entrepreneurship. Featuring seasoned entrepreneur Robert Dieffenbach’s insight, the episode highlights the importance of determination in turning ideas into reality. With engaging discussions on idea abundance, persistence, and adaptation, I gained valuable lessons on navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

    Fitz’s adept hosting keeps the conversation engaging, making this episode a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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