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  • How To Manage Financial Risks and Uncertainty

    Welcome to Episode 96 of The 80 Percent.

    Today’s episode will be all about risk. What is risk and what can we do to avoid or minimize it, especially when making financial decisions.

    Check out the show notes for this episode here on my blog.

  • Money-Saving Tips When Moving Into a New Home

    Welcome to Episode 95 of The 80 Percent.

    Today, kasama natin si Rienzie Biolena, isang Registered Financial Planner at ang co-founder ko sa Wealth Arki, ang financial consultancy firm namin. Nag-kwentuhan kami at nagbigay ng tips tungkol sa paglilipat ng bahay, because moving into a new home can be expensive if you’re not careful. There’s a lot of mistakes that can happen that would result in unnecessary costs.

    This episode is brought to you by Lessandra. Visit and message their Facebook Page @LessandraOfficial to learn more about their affordable house and lots.

    For the show notes, visit my blog post here.

  • 10-Step Guide on How To Put Up an Online Store

    Welcome to Episode 94 of The 80 Percent.

    This episode is for everyone who’s planning to put up a business. Listen now to hear my business tips on how to start and grow your venture.

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    For the episode show notes, visit my blog post here.

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