• Why We Invest and The Principle of Matching

    Welcome to Episode 107 of The 80 Percent.

    If you want to know where to invest, you first need to answer why do you want to invest. What’s your financial goal? What’s your plan for your money?

    Today, I’m giving you the three main reasons why people invest, and how these reasons, along with other factors, can guide you in choosing the best investment for you.

    What you’ll hear in this episode is an audio clip from a live stream that I did on my YouTube channel last year. I believe this is too important not to share here in the podcast, and I hope you enjoy it.

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    For the show notes, visit my blog post here.

  • How To Know If You Are Ready For Retirement

    Welcome to Episode 101 of The 80 Percent.

    Today is all about retirement planning. How do you know if you’re financially ready to retire? In this episode, I’m going to share with you one way to find out.

    Check out the show notes for this episode here on my blog.

  • Digital Banks versus Traditional Banks

    Welcome to Episode 90 of The 80 Percent.

    This episode will be all about digital banking. Specifically, I’ll share the differences between a digital bank versus a traditional bank.

    A few days ago, naging speaker ako sa isang virtual event na inorganize ng Junior Financial Management Association of San Beda University. And this was my seminar topic that day. And what you’ll hear in this episode is a recording of my talk.

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    For the show notes, visit my blog post here.

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