• People-Centric Work Culture with John Nicholls of PayPal Philippines

    Welcome to Episode 141 of The 80 Percent.

    What makes an employee loyal to their company? Is it a high salary? A great boss? Or perhaps it’s the company’s culture.

    In this episode, we have John Nicholls, Senior Director and Country Site Lead of PayPal Philippines, talk about what it means to have your people at the heart of your company’s work culture.

    If you wanna know more about PayPal's job opportunities, visit PayPal's website here.

    You can check out PayPal's official social media pages on Facebook: @PayPalPhilippines and Instagram: @paypal.

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  • Top 4 Tips to Overcome Fears and Help Yourself Grow Financially

    Welcome to Episode 140 of The 80 Percent.

    Do you feel financially stuck? Do you wish you could do more to grow your income but you’re afraid to make a mistake and fail?

    There are many opportunities out there that can help you grow financially, but you need to first overcome your fears, and that’s what I’ll talk about in today’s episode.

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  • The Right Way To Achieve Personal Growth and Success

    Welcome to Episode 139 of The 80 Percent.

    The self-help industry is a multi-billion dollar market and is predicted to continuously grow in size.

    There are hundreds of thousands of self-help gurus nowadays that are giving out advice left and right that sometimes, it’s already overwhelming and confusing to know which one is actually helpful and effective.

    Today, I’m sharing two practical tips that can help you discern which advice you should follow and what I believe is the right way to achieve personal growth and success.

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