10-Step Guide on How To Put Up an Online Store

Welcome to Episode 94 of The 80 Percent.

This episode is for everyone who’s planning to put up a business. Listen now to hear my business tips on how to start and grow your venture.

One great piece of advice that I gave is to find a reliable partner, like LBC SoShop!

Sign up and become a member to enjoy perks and discounts. They have a loyalty program where the more you shop, the more you save! Yes, you can save up to 20%, 40%, 50% as you go from Elite Bronze, Elite Silver, to Elite Gold.

And here’s a special deal for you! Sign up with LBC SoShop! now and get an instant and FREE TIER UPGRADE by using this link: bit.ly/ss-slv

For the episode show notes, visit my blog post here.

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